Teacher and Student


The social impact of a business is rightly working its way up the priority list.  The Gen Z’ers of today are choosing companies by what positive impact they are making on society.

Community work need not be the obvious litter pick or building/maintaining a community garden.  It can be one hour a week in which you volunteer to read with the children in a local primary school, help with an admin at a local charity or help somebody by mowing their lawn and look after their garden.  It may be based on people or the environment.  The options are endless and the impact can be as big as you want it to be.

Different people will feel more confident in different roles, they will have their own individual passions.  So why would you pigeon hole them all into one project.  Getting your team into these roles and enriching their lives means you have a happier, more productive workforce.  Decreasing recruitment costs and increasing the bottom line.

Colbe can help you set up or amend your current offer, and if any bespoke training is necessary for the results then look no further.