An aim of Colbe is to directly get vulnerable adults into a position to gain experience and skills to get them into the workplace to fulfil their potential in society.

Businesses frequently have fears and barriers about working alongside adults with disabilities or ex-offenders.  At Colbe we will help you overcome these barriers, get your team on board and put the systems in place so you can go out and enhance lives.

All of our projects are bespoke to both you and the people you want to work with.  


Some success stories include:


  • Working closely with HMP Styal, setting up a soon to be released prisoner with a mentor in a field she wished to work in.  Introducing her to businesses, resulting in her having two job offers on the table for her when she was released.  Breaking the cycle of reoffending.

  • Helping some young men with learning difficulties to get meaningful work experience in fields they were interested in.  Supporting the businesses to make sure every side was confident and that everybody got the most out of what is a very rewarding and life changing experience.

  • Collaborating with a company who were developing plans to employ ex-offenders.  It is easy at management level to make the decision but how do you get your team on board?  How do you get them to buy in to the process and fully engage with it?

  • Creating a mentoring circle between local businesses and young people who have been ‘sofa-surfing’.  Getting the mentors to support the young people in their new accommodation so that they can build a stable platform.  From this platform they can go on to build their lives.


The end goal is always a positive impact on society.