50,000 trees in one day?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The numbers

‘The UK gets through 100 million rolls of wrapping paper each Christmas - approximately 227,000 miles of the pretty paper stuff. That’s enough to wrap the equator nine times.’ Pebble magazine – link below if you want to read the full article.


You may think this is OK because you put it in the recycle bin being the well-meaning citizen you are. Well it isn’t recyclable and generally stops other paper that could be recycled getting recycled too because it is too mixed in.

My Mother

“Well your presents are going to be wrapped because that is what we do!” – Trying to convince my mother is more or less impossible as in her head the world is an infinitely supplied resource that we can do no damage to.

She also believes that Colbe creating opportunities to young and/or vulnerable people is a waste of time. Nobody helped us or them along the way so why should anyone else get a helping hand?

One person at a time

At Colbe I face many similar people, chatting with one gentleman on a train recently, when he discovered I am working on programmes to help offenders, he happily told me that we should just throw away the key. By following his thought process step by step, I made him conclude that he actually wanted the death penalty for anyone who has committed any crime – he obviously stated I was being absurd. But they should pay forever!

Alas, for every person I speak to who stops using Christmas wrapping paper, for every person I speak to who decides to give people a helping hand or a second chance – the world is becoming a slightly better place and enhancing people’s lives. By getting practical safeguarding advice and giving you the confidence, you too will be part of the difference.

As a social enterprise, I know there are lots of us out there doing it, you are making an impact on society.

One person at a time, one tree at a time…


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