Busy, busier...MANIC

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Do we really want/need to be busy?


The holiday

We had a week off as a family, visited Puycelci, a beautiful remote village in France. Ambling around each day, stopping for a coffee and a cake too frequently.

Many activities going on throughout the family, my son even taught me to solve the 7 x 7 Rubik’s cube! I read 2 books, nothing to do with business.

Hurry up!

The return…

Now 3 hours into my return to work, why is my head is already trying to push me back into being busy and rushing?

I spent the first year of Colbe being the very busy fool, declaring to my wife each night that I was shattered and had worked really hard.

Doing what? I can’t remember but it was probably useful, honest…

I know I don’t work at my best when I am hurtling from one place to another so why do I have to stop myself from doing it?

Yes, being busy is good if it results in the impact I want to make to society, and it means I am running a sustainable business BUT busy need not mean manic. I still need room to think. I still have a family to enjoy.

The bigger picture

The governments Labour Force Survey told us that in 2017/18 there were 15.4million days lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. 44% of these directly linked to workload. [Ref 1].

Surely with the focus on mental health, we should see these numbers come down soon? We are more aware of this now aren’t we?

Where am I? Where are you?

I am aware that I need to manage my workload and I have worked hard to be in a position where I have an element of control of it.

Where are you? The Cadbury’s Caramel Rabbit*, Mr Rabbit from Alice Through the Looking Glass? Or somewhere in between?

*one for the older generation I believe! Youtube the 1980s tv adverts...

Ref 1 http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/causdis/stress.pdf

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