Have you ever worked with someone with a criminal record?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Have you ever been to a clean restaurant?

Of course you have, but the question should be,

‘did you notice the clean restaurant and tell anyone about it?’

The fact is we all love a bad news story and will 22 people about a dirty restaurant, but only 3 about the clean one, if we notice it at all.

Recruiting an ex-offender

The same goes for businesses who have recruited an ex-offender. I find people are very happy to tell me about Company XX who recruited somebody with a criminal record and went on to STEAL SOMETHING!!!!

Now, has Company XX only ever had perfect employees? Has nobody else ever stolen anything? Have they never fired anybody? Of course they have, but that just isn’t good gossip.

One company refused to publicise good work they were doing because in one part of the country, several years ago, they had hired someone straight from prison and after 3 weeks of work - they didn’t show up any more. They have obviously only hired perfect people other than that.

What we don’t shout about

The fact that Frank in accounts was once in prison but has since been a loyal, friendly, talented employee for 20 years. Why? Because it is rubbish gossip.

More and more companies are starting to open up about these good news stories but still not enough.

As of the 6th November 2019, there are 11.7 million people with a criminal record on the Police National Computer [Thanks to Dominic Headley for the fact, post reference below].

So with all the skills gaps out there are we going to assume that all 11,700,000 people on the PNC are un-hireable?

Or can you recruit people on merit, and start telling each other good news stories instead?

Ref 1 https://www.linkedin.com/posts/dominicheadley_breaking-news-there-are-now-117-million-activity-6597895670303076352-6Iyy

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