Practical safeguarding? What is that?

Offering a service entitled 'Practical bespoke Safeguarding' is another reason why people are unsure what I do for a living!

Through my years of teaching, I sat through many generic, accredited safeguarding courses. They have their place for those always working with young people or vulnerable adults. But what about those who are just going to be working with work experience children? The project manager you've asked to deliver a school assembly? The agile scrum manager who's been asked to present to a class of 8/11/16-year-olds?

Do they have the confidence, skills and knowledge to work safely around young people? To the best if their ability?

Probably not, why would they, nobody has ever given them the skills they need to do this.

Hence, Practical Bespoke Safeguarding. I look at your day, your office space, your routines and I work out what scenarios are likely to arise that may put someone in a vulnerable situation. Some of them may be obviously vulnerable, others you may never have thought of as being a possible situation. I give confidence.

I give Chris the IT manager, who stood in front of my son's primary school assembly and went a funny shade of grey, the confidence to enjoy it rather than dread it.

I give you and your team the confidence and skills to not only identify these situations but give them the ability to diffuse them positively. To diffuse it so the young person would not notice and keep their enthusiasm, all whilst getting everybody into a safe place.

It is practical and bespoke - it is based around your space and your activities.

It is safeguarding - it will raise awareness in you and your team about what situations are vulnerable and how to get out of them.

So your business can get the many benefits that come from working alongside young people.

A grumpy site manager came to one of my courses once, body language and scowl told me he did not want to be there. In the end, he told me how he understood. He knew his way around a building site, which routes were safe and why, which routes would slow him down, which routes were riskier and what to look out for along the way. At the end of the session, he told me that he now understood how around not to be scared around young people. It was just a different landscape, I know he is now far more willing to accept work experience students on site. He even left me with some of my favourite feedback ever -

"I thought that was going to be sh*! but you showed me I can be as safe around young people as I can be on a site"

So that is what Practical Bespoke Safeguarding is...

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