Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Why be a Safeguarding Consultant?

I met an ex-teaching colleague last week. 'Why?' was the question they asked...

Why leave a comfortable salary?

Why give up summer holidays with the kids?

Why give up my pension?

Why start a business and head into uncertainty?

Why reduce my salary to zero and put pressure on my family and me?!

Having formerly taught in a fairly well to do 6th form, I saw how difficult it was for those children to get one weeks work experience when they had support at home, at school and lots of connections via their families.

Since then, I taught in primary schools in not so affluent areas and behavioural schools. For a lot of these children you can take away the support systems and the networks. How difficult are they going to find it if and when they reach sixth form to get work experience?

Hence, Colbe. If I can give businesses the confidence to overcome any barriers they have about working with young people, then maybe one or two more companies will start giving the opportunities that everyone should have, including the more vulnerable. These one or two companies could create a spark of inspiration that will change the future of one person, the family they don't have yet, the employees of the company they haven't started yet, the young people of the future that these people will give opportunities to also give them a spark of inspiration.

That is why I left a comfortable salary.

That is why I gave up summer holidays with the kids.

That is why I gave up my pension.

That is why I started a business and headed into uncertainty.

That is why I reduced my salary to zero and put pressure on my family and me.

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