Would you employ him?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The picture is me 13 years ago, children I work with often tell me how violent and angry he is whereas I am gentle and relaxed, because that is what society has told them.

What are your initial thoughts of him?

How deep are your conscious or unconscious biases?

An orchestra in America decided that they were far too male (80%), so they started doing blind auditions behind screens. It didn’t work, why? The uniform of the time meant women wore heels and so they sounded different when going on to the stage. Then they asked those auditioning to take their shoes off before entering the stage. Within a year they had a give or take a 50/50 split.

Look around your workspace, is it too much of one gender or race or sexuality or age…. you get the idea.

I first heard this on radio and it got me thinking about what other biases we have that (even though we don’t want them to) affect our recruitment. A diverse workplace is one that will refresh itself and create loyal, dedicated employees. If you keep hiring the same person then it will be more difficult for your business to adapt and stay ahead of the game.

Gleefully, in society I believe the sands are shifting and that people are more willing to recruit outside their normal box. Not only this but safeguarding fears are being turned into confidences and work experiences are not just being offered to one or two sections of society. The chances to enhance a range of current and future lives seem to be increasing.

Children of offenders

65% of boys who have convicted parents go on to be offenders themselves. Why? A lot of people are not willing to give an offender a second chance so they have no chance of breaking the cycle. Work I am doing along with organisations like Unlock’s Ban the Box campaign and great work by groups like Elevate Start-up are working locally and nationally are trying to break this bias.

What other areas?

As a Disability Confident Employer (see website for details of how you can be too) I hear often how people just don’t get the opportunity to experience different work places and get the inspiration we all need.

Just look around, who else is lacking from your workspace and what can you do about it…

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