Team Talk


Visiting schools, work experience placements, hiring apprentices or schools visiting your place of work - the thought of these can fill some people with fear.  Just because somebody is an amazing project manager, this does not mean they feel confident around young people.

At Colbe, we will support and train you so you have the confidence to not only work around young people safely, but also ensure you and the young people get the best out of the experience.


Our work is always bespoke to you, your surroundings and your experiences.

Some examples include:

  • Behaviour management training – are you asking your team to go into schools, host site visits from schools or talk at assemblies when they don’t have the skills?  This will put them on edge and ensure that neither they, nor the young people get the best out of what should be an inspirational time.  How do you keep a class of 8/12/15 years olds engaged and enthused?

  • Bespoke practical safeguarding – rather than a generic safeguarding session focussing on areas that are irrelevant to your business and your day.  Why not have a session based on your premises, your activities and your days?  Give your team the confidence that they can engage and enjoy time around young people.  Confident that they can negate and minimise safeguarding risks with simple behaviours changes.

  • If you’re rolling out a nationwide project, face to face sessions may simply not be viable, do you need to create some e-learning?  Write some behavioural guidance?  Give everyone a platform of confidence and raise awareness to increase engagement across the board.


Our skills and background mean we can adapt to a broad range of scenarios, projects and businesses.


You might even save recruitment costs for next years in take by finding the star that will go on to flourish in your business.