Having sat through many generic safeguarding courses that last for hours, we knew what Colbe was not going to be.

What we do differently at Colbe is to get to understand your work, your wants, your day and your needs.

Every session we develop is bespoke and tailored to suit you.

We understand taking 10 people out of work for a full day training is sometimes simply unattainable, especially if 4 hours of it is talking about generic legislation that you do not need to know the details of.

Hence our 3 hour sessions only have content relevant to those attending.

Teaching experience means we can also add behaviour management techniques to our sessions. Just because you are a great project manager, does not mean you know how to keep a class of teenagers or 8 year olds engaged.



So we get to know you and your needs and create a practical bespoke session that give you the confidence to go out and inspire others. Why not setup a meeting today.

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